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Posterity Partnership

Male Fertility Services in Partnership with Posterity Health

We’re excited to partner with Posterity Health to provide male fertility services and treatments in coordination with our existing fertility services. Posterity Health is the only virtual Male Fertility Center of Excellence. This partnership aligns with our promise to provide care for both partners under one roof.

Male Fertility Assessment (Sperm)

Semen Analysis and Baseline Assessment: The first step in assessing male fertility.

This Includes an at-home semen analysis kit and access to the Posterity Health Digital Health Platform (DHP). The Digital Health Platform provides patient education including Fertility 101, recommended lifestyle and behavioral changes, and telehealth connectivity to male fertility specialists.

You’re not just getting results about your fertility, you’re receiving expert information on male fertility issues in an easy, convenient, and reliable way.

CTA: Schedule a Free Male Fertility Consult [Custom Calendly Link/Form]

Fertility Services & Treatments (Sperm)

Abnormal Semen Analysis Results

We recommend a Male Fertility Workup to those who’ve already had an abnormal semen analysis. The workup includes a comprehensive telehealth consult with male fertility expert, a physical exam, additional diagnostics (if needed), and a treatment plan.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Sperm)

Numerous factors may contribute to RPL, such as hormonal issues, egg quality or uterine lining. Sperm quality can also be a contributing factor for RPL. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) Consult is for couples who have suffered at least two miscarriages or had one failed IVF cycle.

Second Opinions

For males with fertility issues who’ve been diagnosed or treated and want a second opinion.

Fertility Preservation

For people who want to determine if they should freeze their sperm prior to cancer treatment, vasectomy, gender affirmation or simply want to get ahead of sperm deterioration associated with aging..

Gender Affirmation Consult

For people starting or considering gender affirmation care who want to preserve their fertility options. The consult includes educational insights and access to specialized male fertility experts.


About 10% of males experiencing infertility require surgical care. Posterity Health physicians perform all the fertility specific procedures including a Percutaneous surgical sperm retrieval for IVF (PESA or TESE), Testicular Microdissection, Vasectomy Reversal, Varicocele and Bilateral Varicocele repairs.