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    I thought about writing this review so many times during the course of my IVF treatment because I wanted everyone to know about how much I LOVE ACRM. It's easy to write a good review after finding success, but even in the throes of IVF anxiety, I had nothing but gratitude for the outstanding doctors, nurses, office staff, embryologists, scheduling team, and everyone who played a part in coordinating and providing my care. I worked with Dr. Calhoun's care team, and from the start everyone I interacted with was warm and compassionate. Dr. Calhoun's expertise and confidence eased my mind while still giving me a realistic understanding of the IVF process. Every message I sent to the care team (and there were many) received a timely and thorough response. I felt informed and able to trust in the decisions of my providers during every step of the process. The scheduling team worked with me as much as possible to coordinate monitoring appointments with my teaching schedule, which helped alleviate another stressor of the IVF process. My account representative provided me with a detailed understanding of the costs of each cycle and helped me understand the role my insurance would play, allowing me to make informed choices about how to proceed with treatment. Although Dr. Calhoun was my main provider, I was also able to meet several of the other doctors, including Dr. Patel, Dr. Smeltzer, and Dr. Tiegs. All of them exhibited the same warmth and compassion that I have come to associate with ACRM. I am beyond happy to have found success at ACRM, but I'm sad that I can't stay with them through the rest of my pregnancy. Not everyone is able to find a fertility clinic that they love and trust, and I consider myself fortunate to have found ACRM.

    - Submitted by Lauren V.
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    My spouse and I just "graduated" from ACRM, and we would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat. Dr. Tiegs was our primary doctor, and Dr. Smeltzer did our embryo transfer; both were fantastic to work with, as were all of the other healthcare professionals we met along the way. Dr. Tiegs is extremely conscientious about her work, goes above and beyond to ensure the highest chance of success during fertility treatments, and shows genuine concern for the physical and mental well-being of her patients. Dr. Smeltzer has a very calming disposition, and I was grateful to have her for the procedures that made me nervous. The rest of the staff members were kind and encouraging as well. We had a great experience!

    - Submitted by Caitlin C.
  • ACRM has helped us achieve our dream!

    The journey of infertility is not easy and we are so happy we chose Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine as our IVF clinic! From the beginning of our journey with them until now - Dr. Patel, Patel care team and scheduling team were all friendly, helpful and professional. We had a great experience with this clinic and have already recommended it to a friend. From day one we felt we came to the right place and were in the right hands. We really appreciated the fact that ACRM is affiliated with CCRM. Virtual appointments, scheduling and in-person appointments were all seamless. The efficiency of all the staff was great. It was nice to be able to communicate via e-mail with any questions or concerns when needed. We are expecting a healthy baby in a few short months and are over the moon excited to be parents! We can’t thank Dr. Patel and ACRM enough for everything! Please don’t hesitate to work with this clinic, would highly recommend to anyone looking for help.

    - Submitted by Tina
  • Patient Reviews

    Hello I can’t be as excited as I am right now. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and still pushing. I started this process with Dr. Denis for a short period of time but ended with my girl Dr. Ashley Tiegs(The Best). I love the fact that they not just after the money. The team was so loving and caring about my situation and was determined to get the job done. I’m a hard stick when it comes down to giving blood but there was one nurse that took my blood every visit by my hand. I would like to say thank you to the whole team for making my dream of having my first baby at the age of 36 possible💜💜💜

    - Submitted by Yvette D.
  • Patient Reviews

    What a wonderful blessing ACRM has been to my husband and me. What we thought was impossible, you made real. Dr. Calhoun and the Calhoun Dream Team have been nothing short of compassionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, and skilled. We are truly forever grateful for all of your hard work in what could be considered a challenging endeavor. You all will always be family to us. We can’t recommend ACRM enough.

    - Submitted by Shameria H.
  • Patient Reviews

    I am beyond grateful for ACRM!!! I found ACRM after transferring from a clinic where I felt the staff was NOT listening to my needs. I made my appointment and knew as soon as I had my consultation with Dr. Tiegs that this was the practice for me. I felt supported, well informed and cared for at every step in the process. The nurses did an amazing job and checked on me after every appointment and procedure. They were quick to reply anytime I had a question or concern. Graduating (expecting a baby in August) was bitter sweet! I wish I could have kept them with me! My advise to anyone reading this review is to book an appointment immediately!

    - Submitted by Amber B.