Jessie .

My story begins with my sister in law who had the cutest baby boy a year before I decided to freeze my eggs. I saw she had some problems getting pregnant, and being that I was only a year younger than her, I began to get concerned myself. I had finished my MBA a couple years beforehand, and was living it up; I had finished my MBA, was traveling 80% for my job (Monday–Thursdays!), single, surrounded by lovely friends, and having way too much fun.

However, I could feel my biological clock tugging at me. Upon a visit to my OBGYN, my doctor recommended I think about giving Dr. Lisa Hasty a call. I later talked to my sister in law about this, and coincidentally, Dr Hasty had helped her through IVF!

We had a family vacation in October 2015. There was a picture taken of me holding my nephew in his baby carrier and my dad staring down at us. It made me cry. I had a great job, family, and realized how lucky I was to have a strong financial situation; however, I was very single. I knew I wanted a family, and didn't want my choice to push myself professionally to become a detriment to my future child.

So after I got back from that vacation, I decided to give Dr. Hasty a call. Magically, she happened to have an opening on the only day I was available. I saw her and we discussed what I was looking for. She was so warm and welcoming, and she recognized how proud of me she was for making the decision to come in. I felt like I was making such a good investment—an investment for me, an investment for time, an investment for my future child.

My Experience at ACRM

Dr. Hasty and her team worked with me to schedule out when I needed to begin treatment. They were incredibly thorough with testing—at one point I found myself lying in an MRI just to make sure they were aware of everything going on inside me. They connected me with a financial adviser who helped me find discounted prescriptions. Probably the most difficult thing they were so patient with me on was my schedule. I worked Monday–Thursday in another city, in another part of the country. They needed me to be in Atlanta during the time of the medications, so I was able to work with my work team (try explaining to a team of men why you need to be out for 3 weeks due to "medical needs"!). On top of these logistics, I had a girls' trip planned where the first 3 days of drugs would need to be administered in Costa Rica (thankfully, there was no concern about Zika at the time). After getting approval to go, I found myself in my resort hotel giving myself my first injections to an audience of two very supportive, yet bewildered girlfriends.

The injections were interesting—everyday I felt my body growing in ways I never expected—I felt like I was pregnant, but ...not! The procedure itself was a non-event! All I remember was that the people were so professional and kind, and I got a great nap. In the days and months since the procedure, just like my friends who announce their pregnancies and newly bought homes on social media, I wanted to announce "Great news! I extracted 16 freshly frozen eggs—healthy and strong!" However, I found myself hesitating. In conversation, I bring up to every woman I talk to that I've done this, and every single one has asked me about the experience and to provide them with more information. I want to share my story to benefit all the other women out there who don't want to miss their opportunity and need to buy just a little more time.