Christina & Adam F.

I would love to share my story as I have been down the infertility/IVF road. It can be tough, discouraging, and often times overwhelming. But… the rewards that can come from it outweigh all those obstacles and make it completely worth it.

When you hold your baby for the first time or feel that first kick in utero, all the tears, money, and injections are just a distant memory.

Here is my story. I came to ACRM at the age of 37. I have PCOS and unexplained infertility. We tried several fertility drugs, trigger shots, and an IUI to no avail. In Nov of 2014, we did our first egg retrieval and fresh transfer. We had three embryos make it to the five day blast. We transferred 2 embryos which resulted in my beautiful and vivacious daughter Isla. We had one embryo left, and in 2016, we transferred a 6 day frozen blast which resulted in my son Landon. He was born in August of 2017 when I was 40. He was my last embryo and truly meant to be.

We are proof that miracles happen. We are proof that there are still quality eggs at 37. You don’t need dozens of embryos to have a successful live birth. Most importantly, it only takes one embryo for a successful baby.

ACRM and Dr. Hasty helped us fulfill our dream of becoming parents and we are forever grateful that we took the journey with this practice.

Good luck and keep the faith and positivity.