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Keeping a Healthy Sex Life During Fertility Treatment

Keeping a Healthy Sex Life During Fertility Treatment

Posted By Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine

Intimacy and Fertility Treatment

For couples who are ready to have a baby, trying to conceive can start out fun. But when conception is a struggle, it can add stress, and at times, it can make being intimate with your partner feel more like a “chore.”

Intimacy doesn’t have to fall to the wayside when struggling with infertility and going through fertility treatments. Here are some ways you and your partner can reignite the spark and maintain a healthy sex life:

Avoid Scheduling Intimacy

While it may be necessary to put intimacy on a schedule during your most fertile days, letting intimacy happen naturally can relieve the many stresses that come with fertility issues. Putting the focus on emotionally connecting and pleasing each other can make it feel like less of a “chore.”

Let Go Of Expectations

Living in the moment when you are intimate with your partner can help you both enjoy it and feel satisfied. Without worrying about how many times a week you should have sex or the “right” way to have sex, it can help you and your partner feel more relaxed. The more content you are, the easier it will be for both of you to be intimate naturally.

Keep Parts Of Your Sex Life Private

When struggling with conception, many people want to have the support of family and friends. While it’s okay to confide in someone you trust about the struggles you are facing, sharing too much detail about your sex life could make your partner uncomfortable. Instead, consider attending counseling or a support group to speak through your feelings in a safe and confidential environment.

Seek Support At Atlanta Center For Reproductive Medicine

There is no doubt that infertility is an emotionally draining journey — but you’re not alone. At ACRM we understand the value of offering infertility support. We know that speaking to an infertility counselor or attending a free, ACRM support group can not only help you manage stress, but it can also help to strengthen your relationship too.