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IVF and Exercise - What You Need to Know

IVF and Exercise - What You Need to Know

It may feel like there are a lot of rules of what you should or shouldn’t do when trying to conceive — and even more, rules when going through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

For starters, read any blog on boosting your fertility and you’ll see it’s important to maintain a healthy weight and keep stress in check. And one natural way to take care of both is to exercise! While exercising is good for you, how one exercises when getting IVF is a bit trickier. You see too much exercise — particularly, strenuous exercise — can have a negative impact on reproductive hormones and ovulation.

Can I Workout While Going Through IVF?

The short answer: you’ll want to consult with your doctor about what level of activity is best for you — though typically IVF patients should lay off intense cardio exercise during IVF stimulation.

During IVF, medications are prescribed to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs. When this happens, the ovaries are physically enlarged, which puts them at a greater risk of ovarian torsion. Strenuous exercises — like running, high-intensity interval training, weight lifting — can increase the chances of ovarian torsion even more, so you’ll want to take a break from any rigorous training.

Tips for Exercising During IVF

  • Ditch any strenuous hobbies or exercises. For some, this may be a hard pill to swallow. But as mentioned above, now is the time to take it easy. Strenuous exercises or any serious falls or injuries to your abdomen can compromise your health, so it’s important you avoid them.
  • Choose low-impact workouts. This may mean a walk outside or stretching, yoga routines. While these exercises are typically safe to do with IVF, your doctor may also recommend you refrain from working out completely — so do be sure to consult with your physician before starting a new routine.
  • Find other ways to release stress. For many, exercise is as much about weight management as it is about stress release. However, it’s not the only option for releasing stress. Mediation, reading, crafting, or acupuncture are all great alternatives to your previous workout routine.

When it comes to your fertility journey and the IVF process, Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is here for you. While slowing down your fitness routine may be a struggle, listening to your body (and your doctor) will be well worth it in the end.

It is our goal to answer your questions and to provide a path that supports your medical and emotional interests. Take the next step and contact us today to learn more about our services: 770.928.2276