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Importance of Fertility-Free Days

Importance of Fertility-Free Days

In an ideal world, couples who decide to dive into parenthood could do so without any issues. But when fertility problems arise, even the strongest of relationships can be tested.

The stress, frustrations, and ongoing fertility treatments can be taxing — which is why it’s so important to take time to reconnect with your partner and have a fertility-free day.

Here Are 4 Ways to Enhance Your Relationship During Infertility

1. Put the Fertility Talk on Hold.

This likely comes as no surprise, but constantly talking about infertility can make for a pretty high-stress, day-to-day life. And while stress may not be the root cause of infertility, there is growing evidence from research over the past two decades that some types of emotional stress may decrease the chance of pregnancy. So take a day and put the fertility talk on hold. Instead, enjoy quality time with your partner — without all the added stressors.

2. Go Out on a Date.

When’s the last time you and your partner had a night out on the town? The stress of infertility can sometimes make you both lose sight of what brought you together in the first place. Take time each month, just the two of you, to reconnect on a deeper level.

3. Take a Mini-Vacation.

Between frequent tests, injections, and appointments, dealing with infertility can feel like a full-time job. Just like you should take time off at work to refresh, consider taking time for yourself. Whether it’s a staycation or somewhere more tropical, use this time to discover something new with your partner. Even a quick weekend trip will allow you to make new memories and have new things to talk about.

4. Rediscover Intimacy.

For couples trying to conceive, intimacy can suffer — something that was once fun can start to feel like a chore. Remember how you enjoyed each other during the beginning of your relationship, and rediscover the joy of being with each other, now. Bring spontaneity back into the bedroom and simply have fun! You can also consider designating rooms of the house for work and others for play.

For Infertility Support in Atlanta, We’re Here for You

We know positive support makes a difference for couples going through infertility treatments — that’s why we offer free weekly infertility and IVF support groups for ACRM patients.

Counseling can also help couples cope with stress, manage emotions, and improve communication to prevent misunderstandings. Should you be interested in meeting with a counselor, at any time during your treatment here at ACRM, we’d be happy to refer you to a trusted and trained professional.

Please contact your patient care coordinator to learn more about our infertility counseling and support services.