Affording Treatment

Cost of Fertility Treatments | Fertility Financing

The idea of starting a family is very exciting, and we take great pride in our being able to assist patients with their journey.  To help with this process, we make an effort to equip our patients with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their care and the associated fertility treatment costs.

Patient Financial Services

Through our patient financial services at ACRM, we strive to help clients understand the nuances of financing fertility treatment, including potential insurance and other financial issues related to infertility treatment and diagnosis. Understanding an individual insurance plan is the first step; making the most of that plan is the second. Policy effective date, in- and out-of-network benefits, plan type and coverage are all things to investigate when seeking to finance fertility treatment. We are here to help. Reference our overview of Fertility Treatment Insurance Coverage as a starting point.

Also, prior to the initial visit, we complete a comprehensive verification of each patient's infertility benefits for the range of services most commonly provided in our practice. The results of this verification are then presented to the patient in a financial consult conducted after the initial visit with the physician. This free financial consult addresses fertility treatment costs, insurance benefits as they relate to the care plan mapped out by the patient's physician, outlines our financial policies, and answers questions most frequently asked by our patients. We have financial counselors available in each office, by phone and through email at to answer patients' questions regarding fertility treatment costs and their insurance coverage.

Fertility Financing Options


Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is very excited to announce their partnership with CapexMD as their financing partner for patients undergoing infertility treatment!

Springstone has made some important changes. Springstone Patient Financing is now Lending Club Patient Solutions. Lending Club Patient Solutions offers convenient, low-interest and flexible financing options for all types of fertility treatments.

Because the cost of fertility treatment must be affordable, ACRM is pleased to bring to you to assist in meeting your financing needs for fertility care.