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Uncovering the Truth: 4 Common Misconceptions About Infertility

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  • Written By: Lisa A. Hasty, MD, ACRM
Uncovering the Truth: 4 Common Misconceptions About Infertility

1. Misconception: Male Factor Is Not That Common.

Fact: Male factor is a common cause of infertility and both partners should be tested. 35% of the time, the female partner will be diagnosed with an abnormality and 35% of cases will be determined to have a malefactor. 20% of all cases will have both a male and female problem and approximately 10% of all infertility cases are unexplained after testing.

2. Misconception: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Is the Most Common Treatment That an Infertility Specialist Will Recommend.

Fact: Most reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists are able to help couples with infertility to conceive with lower technology options. Approximately 50% of pregnancies at ACRM are achieved with treatments other than in vitro fertilization.

3. Misconception: A Reproductive Endocrinologist Will Just Repeat All the Testing My OBGYN Has Just Completed.

Fact: In most cases, recent blood tests and x-rays will not need to be repeated.

4. Misconception: Medical Insurance Plans Rarely Cover Any Infertility Testing or Treatment.

Fact: Many of the insurance plans we see at ACRM cover testing for both male and female partners to determine the cause of infertility. We also see between 30-40% of major plans currently offer coverage for the treatment of infertility, including inseminations, and in vitro fertilization. Many plans are also now starting to offer coverage for fertility preservation.

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