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New Year’s Fertility Resolutions

New Year’s Fertility Resolutions

6 Resolutions for Couples Trying to Conceive

If you're still waiting to start or grow your family, don't lose hope. A new year often provides an opportunity for a fresh start or at least a chance to do things a little differently than the year before.

As you consider your resolutions for this new year, remember, even small changes can have a big impact on your mental and physiological health.

Communicate With Your Partner

Talking to your partner about infertility can be a difficult task, but it’s a very important step in your fertility journey. Share your worries, feelings, and concerns — after all, there are two of you trying to conceive.

Stay Healthy

We’re talking about both your physical AND mental health! Eat a proper diet, maintain a healthy weight, exercise as much as your doctor recommends, and quit smoking. Make time for yourself this new year, embrace activities that lower your stress, and help you relax. Meet new people, love, and laugh often — infertility doesn’t have to define you, so be sure to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life together!

Consult a Fertility Doctor

There’s no shame in seeking professional help if you’re struggling to conceive. If you’re under 35 and have been unable to conceive for a year, or if you’re over 35 and have been trying for six months without success, it’s time to meet with a fertility specialist.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

With baby announcements and milestones all over a newsfeed, it can be hard not to compare your life to that of others. But, remember: your journey is uniquely yours. Try to unplug and concentrate on bettering yourself for yourself — not for the perception of you.

Share Your Story With Others

You and your partner are not alone, so there’s no need to suffer in silence. An infertility support group can help you process and validate the emotions you feel, without judgment — because oftentimes, others will have similar stories or sentiments to share.

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Don’t Blame Yourself

This may be the hardest resolution of all. It’s natural to feel anger and shame, but it’s important not to blame yourself. There are many reasons why a couple may have difficulty conceiving and like any medical condition, there are options for treatment. You can rest assured our Atlanta fertility experts will be with you, fighting for you, every step of the way.

As we put last year behind us, we're looking forward to all that this new year has in store. And if you’re looking to take your next step on your journey to parenthood, contact us today.