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5 Reasons to Freeze Your Eggs

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  • Written By: Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
5 Reasons to Freeze Your Eggs

Young women all around the world feel the pressure to start a family at an early age. Many grow up with a preconceived “timeline” — get married, own a home, and then have children, all before you’re out of your twenties! Except the reality doesn’t always line up with the expectation.

Maybe you haven’t found “the one” or your career is taking most of your focus. Whatever your reason, if you’re debating whether or not you’ll have children in the near future here’s why you should consider freezing your eggs.

1. Kids on Your Own Time.

Women nowadays can be anything from fighter pilots to CEOs — so why must they be in a hurry to stop pursuing their dreams? Freezing eggs allows you the freedom to pursue that dream career, travel the world, and fall in love with the right person before settling down.

2. Better Quality.

As women grow older, the quality of eggs in the ovaries decreases, leading to higher rates of infertility, birth defects, and even miscarriages. But freezing eggs can stop their deterioration! That means if your eggs are frozen, thawed, and fertilized 10 years later, they will function essentially as they would have on the day they were frozen. That means a 40-year-old woman can reproduce with her 30-year-old eggs!

3. Relieve Fertility Stress.

Studies have shown that stress may be a contributing factor to infertility. The more stressful situations in your life, the greater your chances of having problems getting pregnant. This means that if you're in an environment where the pressure to conceive is ever-present, you may be experiencing uncommon amounts of stress that could impact you long-term. Freezing your eggs provides the opportunity to take the weight off your shoulders and have a child when the timing is right.

4. Eggs Decrease Over Time.

Similar to egg quality, the overall number of eggs also decreases over time. Women are born with all of their eggs, and this number is decreasing constantly beginning even before birth. Freezing your eggs earlier allows for the option of pregnancy to be there when you want it.

5. Protect the Health of Your Eggs.

For women who may develop cancer or have endometriosis, freezing eggs may be the perfect option for securing their fertility before undergoing these more severe treatments. Things like chemotherapy and radiation or side effects of endometriosis may contribute to infertility, so freezing your eggs gives you the opportunity for more options down the line.

While freezing your eggs is a viable option for any woman waiting to get pregnant, it's important to note that it is not one-size-fits-all. If you have questions about freezing your eggs or want to know additional treatment options for when you are ready to conceive, contact our specialists here at ACRM to schedule a consultation.