Manuela V.

In a hard and emotional time of our lives when we most felt discouraged and behind we found ourselves at ACRM. They are the ones who turned us to a beautiful and blessed family of 4. We had such an amazing experience at ACRM. We had an outstanding group of professionals that guided us through the infertility treatment. It was a very stressful and painful moment, but with all their support and care it went very smoothly. They not only gave the treatment, but they were have supportive and very loving to us. Dr. Lisa hasty was our main doctor and I have to tell she gives the best hugs in town too. At ACRM we were able to connect with other families in the support group and we became very close friends. We had such an amazing and blessed experience with ACRM. We will never thank them enough for they have done to us. Without them all the amazing things I live today as a mother of 2 would not exist. We feel so blessed to be part of the ACRM family.