ACRM Earns Excellence Designation by both Aetna and Optum

For complex medical conditions such as Infertility, some insurance plans conduct a very rigorous screening process before recommending a provider or clinic to their subscribers. ACRM is proud to have been identified by both Aetna and Optum as a Center of Excellence and is a recommended clinic to their members.

The Screening Process

Aetna designates a clinic as an Institutes of Excellence for Infertility Services if enhanced standards of quality, safety and economic criteria are met. Designated Institute of Excellence clinics have demonstrated success in infertility care, a commitment to continuous improvement and represent an exceptional value to their members. ACRM has been an Aetna designated Institute of Excellence for Infertility care since 2008.

Optum uses a thorough and rigorous evaluation process to determine which clinics and providers will be designated as part of the Optum Centers of Excellence network. These are clinics that are recommended to their members as one that provides access to clinically superior, cost-effective health care. ACRM has been an Optum designated Center of Excellence since 2007.

The clinical criteria used to make these distinctions include:

At ACRM we are extremely proud to have earned these designations and are looking forward to serving Aetna and Optum members. Call 678-841-1081 to schedule an appointment.