Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine Opens New Atlanta-Perimeter Office

On Monday, June 25, 2018, Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine welcomed patients to our new Atlanta-Perimeter office, which is still located in the Palisades office park near Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. The new suite occupies the entire 25,000 square foot space of the 6th floor and consolidates the administrative side of the practice with the clinical side.

“It is so exciting to see how we have grown over the last 20 years! We are all very pleased to be able to provide this beautiful new space for our patients and our staff,” Dr. Lisa A. Hasty, ACRM.

About Our New Atlanta-Perimeter Office

All elements of the new office were designed to ensure the very best in Patient Care and Customer Service. The increased size and scope of the clinical areas will allow our expert staff to perform more procedures and provide care to an ever-increasing number of families. Overall the goal was to create a relaxed yet brightly optimistic environment for both staff and patients.

The expanded areas of the Embryology, Andrology and Endocrinology labs will further enable the employment of the rapidly developing and improved technologies of CCRM.

“The design of the new laboratory has included every available technology to ensure the highest level of environmental control and security available to support in vitro embryo development. New technology like our mobile isolette units and Gidget™ embryo tracking system will enhance our ability to care for our patients,” Dr. Steve Voekel, Laboratory Director, ACRM/CCRM Atlanta

Building & Design

ACRM commissioned Randall-Paulson Architects to create the new space. There were many challenges presented by the sensitive nature of the CCRM Atlanta labs. Not only was there a need for expanded space, there was also the consideration for anticipated growth and need for additional specimen storage facilities.

“Patients coming to ACRM deserve the absolute best fertility care. Upgrading and expanding our lab ensures we can continue to meet the demand for our services in Atlanta and the growing needs within the Southeast United States.”, Constance Rapson, CCRM

Interior design firm, Inspired Interiors and designer Rachel Visintainer worked with ACRM’s Dr. Robin Fogle and Lisa Schade and to create an open and welcoming design. “I wanted it to be a space where staff enjoyed working and patents felt at ease visiting,” Rachel Visintainer, Inspired Interiors.

“‘I am so proud of our new space. We designed it to create a place where our patients feel cared for and supported while still receiving the absolute best modern medicine has to offer. The journey our patients face is so difficult. I hope our new office brings them some degree of peace and lots of confidence in the treatment they are receiving,” Dr. Robin Fogle, ACRM.

New Building Location

The new space is accessed immediately upon exiting the elevator, where patients are greeted by an open floor plan with several attractive, comfortable seating areas. This allows for a more intimate setting for couples where they can find an area to sit together while waiting. The beautiful white quartz front desk is accessible, convenient and large enough to ensure patient privacy.

Beautiful and eclectic artwork throughout the space features a modern, botanical theme in hues of blues and greens. That creates a feeling of well-being with a calming, soothing effect.

Take Advantage of Our New Facility & Technologies

The number and size of the patient exam rooms have been increased and the phlebotomy area has been arranged so each patient can be seen in a comfortable, private area. The relaxing new transfer suites create a peaceful experience for our couples and the enlarged recovery room is soothing and restful.

“The expanded, state of the art space at the Perimeter location will enable Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine to meet the growing demand for quality infertility treatment while improving the patient experience,” Scott Ferguson, Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine’s new Atlanta Perimeter office offers patients the best infertility physicians in Atlanta with the best reproductive science in the world. We invite you to learn more about ACRM, CCRM Atlanta, the services we offer and our physicians. Please visit or call 678-841-1089.

In 2016, ACRM merged all laboratory services with Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) to create CCRM Atlanta. Being a member of the CCRM Network gives ACRM patients access to CCRM’s world-renowned laboratory techniques, which include the most current IVF technology and ongoing research.

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