Atlanta Egg Donors

Egg Donation Process—Step 1: Screening

Potential Egg Donors at ACRM are each evaluated to ensure they are suitable candidates for egg donation. The screening process begins with the completion of our Egg Donor Application and submitting a copies of medical records and photographs for our submission and approval. Once all preliminary information has been submitted and approval, potential donors are scheduled for an appointment at our clinic to start the screening process. Compensation for a donor applicant's time begins with the very first screening appointment and increases as each step is completed.

Typically a donor's screening is broken into three phases:

  • Phase One – During this stage, the applicant will have a full physical and pap smear with one of our nurse practitioners. She will also have a transvaginal ultrasound and AMH (antimullerian hormone) blood test to assess fertility potential. We also perform FDA-mandated disease testing. Our egg donor coordinator meets with the applicant to go over our program and makes sure the potential egg donor is well-informed and comfortable with the process.
  • Phase Two – This phase consists of two parts. We forward the applicant’s medical history and family history information to a genetics counselor who will reach out to the potential donor for a phone consultation. Once this is done, we move on to genetic screening. In our program we test for the same diseases in all donors regardless of the applicant's reported ethnic background.
  • Phase Three – At this point we provide the applicant with a referral to one of the psychologists we work with. They administer a test called a PAI (personality assessment inventory) and engage in a consult with the potential egg donor.

Step Two: Treatment Cycle

If an egg donor is going to have her eggs frozen for the ACRM Egg Bank, she will begin birth control pills with the start of her menstrual period and will receive detailed instructions for all medications used during the stimulation phase up to retrieval of her eggs. The eggs are frozen the same day they are retrieved.

If an egg donor is matched in a traditional or fresh cycle, birth control pills are again used to help achieve cycle synchronization with the egg recipient. The stimulation phase is the same for a donor in both cycle types.

Egg Donor Compensation

The egg donation process, from donor application to completion of screening and being ready for matching, can take two to three months to complete. We currently permit up to five egg donation cycles per donor, based on the results of each donation cycle. Upon completion of a donation cycle, the egg donor will receive between $6,000 to $8,000 compensation for her time and effort. She will also receive the satisfaction of knowing that her generous gift may have helped a couple achieve their dream of having a baby.

Egg Donor Stories

We asked one of our previous egg donors to share her experience in our program:

What advice would you give a young woman who is thinking about donating her eggs?

I would tell her that it is an amazing feeling to learn more about your body as a woman. You can help someone else create a life, a life that isn't possible without people like you. I felt very empowered and gained more self-confidence by truly understanding what my body is capable of. I also had a wonderful support system from my boyfriend, close friends, and family. I was careful not to discuss it with people who I feared would be judgmental or wouldn't understand. I also do not believe that the intended result of a child means that they are mine. I am not raising this child and I do not believe I have any claim to that child. I simply feel that I helped someone with similar physical traits and mental characteristics achieve a successful pregnancy. It is all about your personal beliefs and mindset. You must also have the time and energy to do this. The initial process is very long, but worth it in the end. You receive a generous compensation and a feeling that you helped someone achieve the dream of becoming a parent.

What sparked your interest in donating?

I personally know someone who was able to conceive through an egg donor. There was never a doubt in my mind that she felt like she made the right decision. It was a beautiful thing to see her so happy after years of struggling to have a baby.

What concerns did you have when you first applied?

I was worried that donation would create problems with my own reproductive health, but the opposite is true. I am now more conscious of the health of my body and understand how fertile I really am. When the time comes for me to have my own child, I know I will be just fine. I was also slightly nervous about injections, the retrieval procedure, etc. However, the staff at ACRM are willing to answer questions thoroughly and I encourage girls considering donation to do their own research and homework before signing up.

How has your experience been donating with ACRM?

I have had a great experience. The first cycle I was naturally a little nervous, but everything went smoothly. My second cycle also went smoothly and without all the nerves or anxiety of the first cycle. I always felt like I was in good care at ACRM and I wasn't afraid to speak up with questions.