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Fertility Financing in Atlanta

The idea of starting a family is very exciting, and we take great pride in our being able to assist patients with their journey. To help with this process, we make an effort to equip our patients with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their care and the associated fertility treatment costs.

Patient Financial Services

Through our patient financial services at ACRM, we strive to help clients understand the nuances of financing fertility treatment, including potential insurance and other financial issues related to infertility treatment and diagnosis. Understanding an individual insurance plan is the first step; making the most of that plan is the second. Policy effective date, in and out-of-network benefits, plan type, and coverage are all things to investigate when seeking to finance fertility treatment. We are here to help. Reference our overview of Fertility Treatment Insurance Coverage as a starting point.

Prior to your initial visit ACRM will verify each patient’s infertility benefits for the range of services most commonly provided in our practice. You will be given a copy of what coverage your insurance plan described to us and we encourage you to do the same. We have provided here a list of questions to ask your insurance company when trying to determine the amount of coverage available to you.

Patient Account Representatives are also available to all of our patients through phone or email at to answer any questions that may arise at any time regarding billing and insurance coverage.

IVF Financial Services

Once your IVF treatment plan has been established you will be scheduled with one of our financial counselors for a financial consult to outline your costs, insurance benefits, financial policies and financing options. Your financial counselor will be available to you throughout the process to answer any remaining questions.

Fertility Financing Options:

  • CapexMD - CapexMD assistance allows patients to attain the necessary financing required to make your treatment affordable, including financing for Fertility Medications if necessary. CapexMD also works with the Attain IVF program.
  • Lending Club- Lending Club Patient Solutions offers convenient, low-interest and flexible financing options for all types of fertility treatments and Attain™ IVF Programs. A selection of patient payment plans including pre-qualified Extended Plans are available from a streamlined application.
  • Progyny - Progyny is a leading fertility benefits management company that combines clinical and emotional guidance, science, technology and data to provide comprehensive value-based fertility solutions for self insured employers.

If you would like to discuss financial options for your infertility treatment, contact ACRM today.