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Our Egg Donor Program | Third Party Reproduction

At ACRM, the Donor Program staff is dedicated to working with those patients involved in third party reproduction either through egg recipiency, sperm recipiency, egg donation, use of or serving as a gestational carrier, or embryo donation.  Our dedicated health care professionals work day-in and day-out to meet the specialized needs and concerns of these patients. Supporting the team concept in patient care, the Third Party program staff also works closely with the Patient Financial Services staff to ensure that patient financial and insurance questions are addressed at the outset of the process to clarify the cost of fertility treatment

Our Donor Program Team | Atlanta Egg Donation

The Third Party Team brings together over 50 years of experience working with infertile patients.  Fertility specialist Jim Toner, MD, PhD leads ACRM's Third Party Program as its medical director.  Dr. Toner, together with Third Party Program Coordinator, Mirrin Reagan, RN, CNS, WHNP-BC, work closely to ensure that each egg recipient and each egg donor receive personal and individualized care. They also work closely with ACRM's fertility counselors Lauren Berman, PhD, Emily Fogle, PsyD, and Maureen Martin, LCSW, LMFT to ensure that patients' emotional needs and concerns are addressed. 

The Egg Donor Program team is located at our Atlanta-Perimeter office, however we are able to coordinate your screening and monitoring at any one of our four metro-Atlanta offices when in treatment.

Information for Egg Recipients

For many couples, choosing to use donated eggs provides the best option for their family building. When you choose to enter the Third Party Program, our experienced team of Atlanta fertility doctors, midlevel providers, nurses, and support personnel will guide you, step-by-step, in an individualized manner. We maintain strict confidentiality and fully comply with the quality guidelines proposed by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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Information for Becoming an Egg Donor | Donate Eggs in Atlanta

Egg Donor Applicants are each evaluated to ensure their appropriateness for this specialized therapy. All potential egg donors undergo a complete evaluation which includes a review of personal and  family medical history, genetic counseling and testing, FDA-mandated infectious disease testing, ovarian reserve testing, drug and nicotine screening, and psychological testing and counseling. If an egg donor applicant qualifies after screening is completed, she will then be matched with a recipient based on specific preferences requested by the recipient or have her eggs frozen for the ACRM Egg Bank.