Getting Started | What we do together to get the conversation going.

We look forward to starting the conversation with you about your family building.  It’s very helpful to know about your history and any prior testing or evaluations you or your partner have had.  We get this information from you in two ways -- through your completion of our New Patient Questionnaire and from having your medical records from other providers forwarded to us for our review.  The questionnaire provides an opportunity to communicate thoroughly your past medical history and that of your partner.  It also allows you to tell us, in your own words, about issues that you want to address with us. We particularly appreciate having this insight to your priorities.

It is helpful to gather your medical records and provide them to our office well in advance of your visit. Frequently, doctors offices forward only their own records.  If you and your partner have records in several locations (as is often the case), you may need to request copies from the original medical care providers.

You can expect that your physician and nurse will have reviewed your questionnaire and medical records in advance of your visit and be prepared to talk with you about questions you have raised. The questionnaire is extensive and may require you to do some research to complete it accurately, but the effort you invest in this will be rewarded with increased understanding between you and your care team. Topics include past medical history, allergies and medications (both prescription and over-the-counter supplements), important lifestyle issues such as exercise, smoking, and nutrition; menstrual history, pregnancy history, past hospitalizations and surgeries, prior fertility testing and treatment.

Give us a call or complete the new patient appointment request, and we’ll get started.

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