7/17/14 | Mark Lewinter, L.Ac.
Are you trying to get pregnant? If the answer is yes it’s possible that you've been trying to conceive for some time. Acupuncture therapy can help!
7/10/14 | Jim Toner, MD, PhD
Egg freezing is an important new development in our field. It can help young women with cancer to preserve their fertility prior to beginning cancer treatment. It can help single women and women not yet ready to start a family preserve their eggs while they are still of high quality. Egg freezing can also make the use of donor eggs simpler than ever before. Donor egg recipients no longer have to wait for their donor to go through stimulation for the eggs – they are already frozen in the bank!
6/26/14 | Sue Ellen Carpenter, MD
The fallopian tube connects the uterine cavity to the ovary and is a rather complex functional structure. Infection, prior pelvic surgery or endometriosis can easily cause a fallopian tube blockage or interfere with the complex function of the tube. At times, this occurs without the patient having any symptoms. Tubal factors account for approximately 25% of infertility.
6/17/14 | Robin H. Fogle, MD
I recently met with a patient who has been suffering from infertility for several years and has undergone various unsuccessful treatments. She was frustrated that no one could find a reason for their infertility. During our first visit together, she told me that her husband smokes 1 pack per day of cigarettes. I immediately shared my concern that his smoking may very well be contributing to their infertility. She was dumbfounded. She admitted that they knew smoking is bad for your health. But no one had ever mentioned that it was bad for fertility, too.