Blastocyst Stage Embryo Culture

What Is A Blastocyst?

A blastocyst stage embryo culture is used as a tool to select the highest quality embryo(s) for replacement. This technique is of particular value in cases where there are numerous good quality embryos developing on day-3 of culture. Human embryos reach the blastocyst stage of development at 5 days following egg retrieval. Those embryos that have survived and grown to this stage of development have a high implantation potential.

Embryo Transfer

An embryologist can better select the most viable embryo from transfer by extending culture from day-3 to day-5 of development. The primary benefit to the patient of using blastocyst stage embryo culture is that fewer embryos need be replaced into the patient while still maintaining a high pregnancy rate. This results in a greatly reduced risk for twin or triplet pregnancies.